Friday, October 30, 2009

More SoCal...

Matt and Mom at the St. James Harvest Festival...
Grandma and Gracie...


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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

North to Alaska

This is a salmon hatchery in Juneau, Alaska. New hatchlings are released to the ocean where they grow up and, if not caught, return to where they were born to spawn their own young.
Then the cycle begins again.

Above and below are shots of Glacier Bay, a long, narrow inlet bay surrounded by glaciers.

Back in Auburn, Washington, where we visited before leaving for Alaska, let's add a shot of daughter-in-law Melissa, enjoying a rare resting moment on the backyard deck where we had dinner the night before sailing. It was great to see her, Charles and our three "northwest"
grandkids Catie, Noah and Annie (Juliana), and we're looking forward to our next visit at Christmas.

Seattle (en route to Alaska) July 2009

Catie hugs Annie (Juliana) during our stopover in Auburn, near Seattle before sailing to Alaska.
Noah joins his sisters in this shot inside the house before we had a swell backyard picnic.

Meet Sophie, the canine member of the family, a huge but sweet girl, mostly shepherd.

Charles and Noah at the picnic table on the beautiful deck Charles built, complete with benches
and a fountain, in their backyard which as a great view of Mount Ranier.

Our little sweetheart Annie belts it out on the karaoke machine on the backyard deck. Annie, who is the outgoing type, was the entertainment during the picnic, and she nailed it!